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Aumento Aesthetics Medi Clinic (Where all the magic happens)


Aumento Aesthetics is a clinic carried out by Registered Nurse Emily. She has a passion for carrying out natural aesthetic procedures and loves to make her clients feel good about themselves.

Aumento offers an array of services, from Dermal fillers, to skin boosters and Anti-wrinkle injections. All products are of the highest quality and you will always recieve 5 star care!

Why Aumento was Established?

As a young woman growing up it was becoming more apparent within the Aesthetic industry that clients faces were changing dramatically and causing further complexes in ones mental health. 

It was clear for me to see this as I myself suffered with Body Dysmorphia in my younger years and wanted to implement change to help others.

I trained as a Registered Nurse and gained a BSc Degree in Adult Nursing. I also studied an array of aesthetic courses and continued my journey of self-development to share with others.

I believe as a Nurse it is vital for natural enhancements to take place and not dramatic, over done results as people with mental health or BDD will have more complexes about their self. 

My story of BDD has been featured in many newspaper articles such as; The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Star, Derbyshire Times and many more. 

​My nursing Knowledge allows me to implement ethical decisions and ensure every treatment is in the clients best interest. 

Thorough Consultations are carried out for each individual and professional advice is given on which treatments to book for optimum results! 

Aumento's Ethos "Enhancing your natural beauty, without changing who you are".

We Only improve you, we dont change you!!


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